MW INTL GROUP is a multi-label showroom and brand development agency for luxury fashion labels, specializing in men’s and women’s accessories.

Based in New York City, the agency is dedicated to providing personalized services with a tailored approach to each client. MW INTL GROUP develops an individual strategy for every brand, reporting well-informed and strategic advice to maintain clients’ long-term partnerships within our retailers’ network and build their North American distribution through wholesale channels.

Through tailored services, MW INTL GROUP delivers an ever-evolving experience by maximizing brands exposure and increasing sales. From leading department stores to multi-brand boutiques, the agency partners with industry leaders in the marketplace, showcasing Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter seasons across New York, Los Angeles, and Paris throughout the year.

Today, MW INTL GROUP connects luxury brands to more than 150 of the world’s best boutiques, e-commerce platforms, and department stores.

“My name is Angélique Wohmann, and I am the founder of MW INTL GROUP. I have always known that fashion was my destiny; above all, a fashion destiny. I hope to bring to all my clients the best of the world’s luxury designers. Never forget, kindness and sophistication are always on-trend.”